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ICMP – YRS online version will be held on a professional virtual platform (OnAir) where plenary sessions, thematic and contributed talk sessions will be held in the style of a regular webinar.

Opening of the virtual platform : July 28th

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Instructions for online attendees


Live speakers and online speakers will present alternatively throughout the conference period. Presentations from on-site speakers will be streamed on the virtual platform. The questions from online participants will be asked written through the live Q&A tool from the OnAir virtual platform.


  • Session talks will run through Zoom app embedded in OnAir virtual platform, in the webinar format. As a participant you are not be visible nor able to speak.
  • All sessions are in Paris time zone (CEST : Central European Summer Time)
  • Sessions will be recorded and available for all registered attendees for 1 month after the conference on the virtual platform.
  • You will have also the opportunity to visit the Virtual Exhibition, view the Poster gallery or simply connect with other attendees through the Meeting hub.



for best use of the OnAir platform


  • Check our Introduction Video to OnAIR and its main features.
  • For a better experience, we recommend using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Opera browsers. The virtual platform will also work on recently updated browsers from Mac or PC such as Safari or Firefox but some features could be altered. The virtual platform does not work with Internet Explorer.
  • The virtual platform is designed for desktop and laptop computers, not for mobile.
  • Check your internet connection, bandwidth requirements – 2.0 Mbps up – 4.0 Mbps down for optimal use. You can test the speed of your internet connection here.
  • Some VPN, Firewalls or company restrictions might interfere with some platform functionalities. Make sure that you can switch them off if you face technical issues.
  • Anytime during the conference, you will be able to contact us via the live chat support.
  • You can run some tests from these 2 links below. It will scan your audio/video settings and will tell you if your device is compatible for audio/video streaming.

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Instructions for on-site attendees


ICMP organisers are closely monitoring the health situation and will implement the necessary measures to ensure maximum safety for participants, in compliance with applicable Swiss regulations. These measures incorporate the recommendations of the most recent health protocols.

The main measures planned include:

  • Reminder of barrier gestures at the entrances to the venues and in all spaces (signage)
  • Wearing a mask mandatory at the entrance of the venues and during the entire attendance to the event
  • Protective screens installed on the Congress reception and registration desks and counters
  • Hydroalcoholic gel terminals and dispensers at the entrances of the Venues, in all buildings, as well as in the conference rooms.
  • Enforcement of the distancing measures applicable to the different types of spaces: using 2/3 capacity in each room;  4 pers. / table + 1m between tables for catering spaces
  • Regular disinfection of the most utilized contact surfaces, especially in catering areas, conference rooms and stands.



Live speakers and online speakers will present alternatively throughout the conference period. Presentations from online speakers will be streamed on a large screen in each session room. The questions from on-site participants will be either asked loudly or written through the live Q&A tool from the mobile application.

Badge: Your badge will be collected at the registration desk at the venues.

All on-site attendees have also access to the online platform.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]